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I had marvelous oppornity to hear Yrjö Engeström's lecturen in Finnish board of education. He was worried about the  relationship of net and realworld  in schools. He thinks that it's important to watch out that pupils will not drown in the net. 

Embedded learning might be the right way to find out the way where we engage pupils to learn by doing, reflect their experiences together by participative learning methods. The virtual worlds like Second life, realXtend-worlds and net is like a enlargement of the collective intelligence. The boarder of real life and net world is defined by pedagogical choices.  It sounds so pompous, but actually it's what pbl is at its best. Net could be for example the place where student should publish their newspaper of their larpworld. (larp= live action role-play)


I just finnished my edu-weekend. I had best Finnish gameresearchers from gamelab to tell latest news of games and we had different demos of SL, realxtend and larps. 


But how to embed games naturally in the everydaylife in schools is quite new. I had curious listeners. You have there very long tradition of role-play in education. I think it is called Forge-tradition. We have here so called Nordic larp-tradition and it have had so little to do with edu. It has been more like edutainment. Nowadays is has risen and I the future is full of hope. 


The stentgh of fairy tales in the context of Pbl is furious. It's most participated learning i know. I wish I get some partners of you. Do you have island in SL? I know we can't use it with young students, but is would be nice to meet and talk with teachers and exchange experiences.


I am sure you have done all these things, so it would be interesting to meet in virtually. I missed your net conference because of my own engagements. It was quite a big disappointment for me.

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